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564 Space Saver GreenSmart™ 2 with Remote

With the combination of convective heat, radiant heat and reduced depth dimension, the 564 SS is ideal for zone heating in bedrooms, dens and intimate spaces. This fireplace features 564 square inches of high quality, high clarity tempered glass that comes standard with the 2015 ANSI-compliant safety screen, increasing the overall safety of this unit for you and your family. The realistic “wood like” flame, along with the heat output can be controlled by the convenient Comfort Control™ gas system, which lets you enjoy your fireplace year-round. This allows you to turn off part of the burner with the push of a button to really turn down the heat while maintaining the fire and glowing embers.

The new Intermittent Pilot Ignition (IPI) allows you to run the 564 SS in either standing pilot mode- or in electronic ignition mode. In standing pilot mode the pilot flame stays on, which is ideal in cold climates where it is important to maintain a draft for proper operation. In electronic ignition mode the pilot flame goes out when the fireplace is turned off, saving you precious fuel and money and making the 564 SS one of the most “green” fireplaces you can own.

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Heating CapacityUp to 950 Sq. Feet
Maximum BTU Input20,500 BTU's / Hour
Steady State Efficiency (High) *Up to 81.09% (NG), 70.11% (LP)
EnerGuide Efficiency Rating67.7% (NG), 70.11% (LP)
AFUE73.3% (NG), 73.4% (LP)
Glass Area †30" W x 16-3/4" H
VentingTop or Rear Vent
Weight155 Pounds
GreenSmart RemoteOptional
Burner SystemDancing-Fyre™
Comfort ControlStandard
* Your results may vary depending on your vent configuration
† Will vary with face design

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