864 TRV GreenSmart™ 2 with Remote

The 864 TRV GSR2 is one of Avalon’s newest gas fireplaces. With the combination of convective heat, radiant heat and reduced depth dimension, this unit is ideal for small to mid-sized homes or for zonal heating. The Winthrop TRV is also great for heating covered outdoor living spaces and features 864 square inches of high quality, high clarity tempered glass with a removable safety screen.

The realistic “wood like” flame along with the heat output can be controlled by the convenient GreenSmart™ system which features the split-flow Dancing-Fyre™ burner with Comfort Control™. This allows you to turn off part of the burner with the push of a button to really turn down the heat while maintaining the fire and glowing embers. The 864 TRV GSR2 comes with the GreenSmart Intermittent Pilot Ignition (IPI) which allows you to run your fireplace in either standing pilot mode or in electronic ignition mode. The features on the 864 TRV GSR2 allow you to save money and be able to enjoy your fireplace year-round.

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Victorian Lace

Rosario Face

Tree of Life Double Doors

Black Painted Finish
Firebacks / Liners

Fireback, Reclaimed Brick

Handmade Brick

Herringbone Brick Reversible Fireback


Stainless Steel

Straight Brick Reversible Fireback

Andirons, Arabesque

Andirons, Colonial

Andirons, Wrought Iron

Power Heat Duct Kit
Heating CapacityUp to 1,400 Sq. Feet
Maximum BTU Input31,000 BTU's
EnerGuide Efficiency Rating68.36% NG, 67.79% LP
Steady State Efficiency (High) *Up to 80.38% NG, 81.21% LP
Glass Area †34-1/2" W x 22-1/4" H
Weight181 Lbs.
Burner SystemDancing-Fyre™
* Your results may vary depending on your vent configuration
† Will vary with face design

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